Web Application Development

"The future lies on the server not rich interfaces on the client".

ai??i?? Paul Graham

Simply put, web-based applications are solutions that run on the web servers. They essentially use web pages as the user interface. The most obvious benefits for an average user of such programs are: they are easier to use, cheaper, more reliable, more mobile, more secure and often more powerful than desktop solutions. No wonder why Paul Graham, the technology Guru and developer of first ever web application Viaweb, sees the future dwelling in the web-based applications. Web applications may take a form of simple word processors and presentation tools to e-learning and computer-aided design to e-commerce solutions and products.

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Ignitor Technologies
from its inception is focussed on developing quality web applications catering to a large number of clients with varying requirements. We’ll help you enumerate your enterprise needs and offer you a custom web application to help you scale new heights in your business.

Our Team may help you right from an initial business concept to development and implementation of strategic custom web applications that add real value to your business.